Aliens references in Spurt of the Moment

Far Cry 6 features a side-mission, which references Aliens (1986). References can be found in the game world, as well as the dialogue of the characters.

In Spurt of the Moment operation in Far Cry 6 Dani is tasked with investigating a bunker invested with genetically modified chickens. The atmosphere does remind of the film’s atmosphere, and the bunker is littered with dead chickens, which paints a parallel to facehuggers.

Place is really creepy. Give me the jibbers.

The bunker, the story, and the dialogue are all references to the Aliens (1986) film. While on the call with Elvis, Dani mentions an “express elevator to hell”, a “rat son of a bitch”, creatures “coming out of the walls” and later finishes her speech with calling it “game over, man”:

You can find the original clips here:

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